October 16th 2021


Exclusive Shooting Camp for Heritage Prep

Yes, really! Become the best shooter on your team so that you get playing time at any level, and more scholarship offers! We have simplified the shooting process into 3 Simple Steps and 3 Simple Phases!



  • How to become the best shooter on your team, quickly, without spending hours upon hours in the gym!
  • How to IMMEDIATELY improve your percentages with 2 accuracy hacks that will help you make more shots so that you get more playing time!
  • What to specifically focus on without wasting time so that you can become efficient with your training!
  • How to be calm, cool, and collected so that you can hit shots under pressure!
  • How to increase your accuracy and range with 1 simple shooting hack!
  • Film breakdown the common tendencies of ALL great shooters so that YOU can become one of them!

 ONLY 30 Slots Available!


PRICE: $160


I will never forget the night that changed forever how I shot the basketball. Although I was one of the leading scorers in my area and thought that NO one could stop me from taking and making shots. Because no one had. Until NOW.

I remember saying to myself after this SPECIFIC game “Man, there is NO way that I can get shots off against this type of length and athleticism!” See this wasn’t a normal defender. We were playing our crosstown rival whose star player was a 6’8” McDonald’s All-American, eventual 2X College National Champion, and NBA player…and I was only 6’1”! I had little to no problem with guys my height or a little taller. But he wasn’t a little taller. He was A LOT taller and just as athletic. In addition, I was TERRIBLE at “catching and shooting” on the move. So running off of screens wasn’t and option.

Real Tears

As I sat in the locker room in tears, all I could think about was how the 15 point loss could have been a WIN! More importantly I thought about how I could have impressed ALL of the college recruiters who were in the stands that night to watch my opponent. It was an EPIC missed opportunity. What came from one of my lowest moments was a 3 year journey of tweaking, testing, and adjusting. Trial and Error. From that I developed a keen understanding of shooting that led me to become a 42 percent 3-point shooter that led my college teams in 3-point accuracy each year. Not bad at all for a guy who was known as a “slasher!”

But the great thing is that it didn’t just stop with me! I have been blessed to learn EVEN more over the last


What Others Are Saying

“It all came together when I started working with the program almost 7 years ago, I was a 42/35/67 (FG%, 3-Point FG%, and FT%) at the University of Texas. Basically an average shooter. I finished the 2019-2020 Eurocup Season as the leading scorer at 27.2 points per game. The crazy thing is that I also finished as a 54/44/86 (FG%, 3-Point FG%, and FT%) the difference between my college numbers and my professional numbers was the mastering of the shooting techniques found in this program! So simple, yet, so effective.”Yvonne Anderson7-Year Pro, Italy, Serbian National Team Olympian
“I NEVER really shot the 3! Evolutionary 3-Step Shooting has allowed me to shoot 40% from the 3-point line every year since I started the program. My free throws have grown tremendously. I was a mid-70’s free throw shooter. Now I hover around 85% looking to get to 90% before I retire!”DJ White13-Year Pro, NBA 1st Round Draft Pick, Turkey
“I have been working with Dorian since I was 15 years old. As a small guard, I needed to be able to get shots off, with accuracy against length. I was an average 36% 3 point shooter before working with D. As a pro, I now shoot for 42%…Actually 42.5%. My junior year in college my 43% led to ACC in the 3 point field goal percentage. I finished up at Georgia Tech some years ago shooting 42 percent while leading the ACC in total makes at 109 then went on the win the NCAA 3-point contest which speaks volumes to the work that we put in!!”Adam Smith5-Year Pro, 2016 NCAA 3-Point Contest Winner, AO Ionikos Nikaias, Greece
“The simple secrets that you will find with #-Step helped me become Furman’s All-Time 3-Point leader and set the NCAA record for 3-pointers made in a single game (15)! 12 years of working with Dorian has changed the game and the way that I see it. Shooting is simple. Mastery is simple. You just have to do it”Jordan LyonsFirst Year Pro, NCAA Single Game (15) 3-Point Record Holder